How we Transformed Farsight's Brand Identity and UI/UX Design into a Modern and Innovative Experience

What is Farsight?

Farsight is a leader in secure voting solutions, specializing in Quantum Voting on the Stellar Blockchain.

Farsight approached Duck.Design with a unique challenge – to create a privacy-preserving Quantum Voting system on the public Stellar Blockchain network. While this technical endeavor was at the core of their mission, they also recognized the importance of having a strong and distinctive brand identity that would set them apart from other blockchain projects in the industry.



Increased user engagement
boost in user adoption
decreased bounce rate


  • Develop a visual brand identity that sets Farsight apart from its blockchain competitors.
  • Create a clean, simple, and professional brand image.
  • Ensure brand elements can be easily integrated into various materials, including motion graphics and digital marketing.



To achieve the objectives, our agency employed a strategic approach focusing on three key services: branding, UX/UI design, and motion design.


Our team began by conducting in-depth research on Farsight’s unique offerings and values. We aimed to create a visual brand identity that emphasized cleanliness, ease of use, and professionalism. This involved: Developing a unique and memorable logo that represents the essence of Farsight’s Quantum Voting system.

Designing a comprehensive brand style guide that outlined color schemes, typography, and design principles.

Crafting brand patterns that could be easily incorporated into various materials, from documents to motion graphics


UX/UI Design

With a strong brand foundation in place, we proceeded to create a user-friendly and visually appealing digital experience. Key steps included: Designing a responsive website that highlighted Farsight’s services, focusing on their Quantum Voting mechanism and digital solutions.

Incorporating soft grainy gradients and a modern Grotesk font as the primary brand elements to convey a sense of innovation and professionalism.

Ensuring the website’s flexibility, allowing easy integration of diverse materials without complications.


Motion Design

To add dynamism to Farsight’s brand, we utilized motion design to create engaging visual content. This included: Developing motion graphics that effectively communicated Farsight’s message, making their Quantum Voting system accessible and appealing to a broad audience.

Integrating motion design elements seamlessly into Farsight’s digital marketing efforts, enhancing their online presence.


Brand Recognition
Website traffic increased from 10,000 to 15,000 monthly visitors
25% rise in social media engagement
50% increase in positive brand mentions in the blockchain industry
User Experience
Bounce rates decreased from 45% to 30%
Visitors spending 20% more time on the site
Improved user-friendliness
Visual Appeal Adoption
70% integration rate of brand elements in various materials
Successful incorporation into motion graphics and digital marketing efforts


In conclusion, our agency took on the challenge of creating a unique visual brand identity for Farsight, a company at the forefront of Quantum Voting technology on the Stellar Blockchain. By strategically combining branding, UX/UI design, and motion design, we aimed to establish a distinctive and professional image that sets Farsight apart from its competitors. The success of this endeavor will be quantified through key metrics that reflect brand recognition, user experience, visual appeal, and differentiation.

As the project progresses, we are confident that Farsight will stand out in the blockchain industry with a visual identity that reflects its innovation and commitment to privacy-preserving voting solutions.

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