Landing Page Design Services

Marketing, Digital and Product teams rely on Duck.Design to create landing pages from scratch or based on existing materials. We deliver thoughtful UX wireframes and high-fidelity UI designs.
Tailored Conversion Environment
Your landing page designs matter more than any other online page. They are environments specially designed to turn curious visitors into loyal customers.
Cutting Through the Noise
With so many online platforms competing for attention, an optimized landing page stands out, making sure your brand doesn't get lost in the crowd.
Every Detail Matters
Whether it's the choice of color, placement of CTAs, or the overall layout – each element on the landing page is designed with conversion in mind.
Driving Desired Actions
Beyond just attracting visitors, the ultimate goal is to guide them towards a specific action, whether it's making a purchase, subscribing to a newsletter, or signing up for a service.
Boosting Conversion Rates
 Strategically designed landing pages do more than increase traffic. They funnel a significant chunk of that traffic toward becoming active, engaged customers.
SaaS Landing Page
The main challenge in creating favorable user experience in a mobile app is to balance between following the standard guidelines and tweaking them to make the application authentic and unique. Design Studio experts apply many-years’ experience to create spot-on design for iOS and Android applications that make smartphones smarter.
SaaS MVP Design
Our UX and graphic designers will help you turn complex segmented information into laconic intuitive dashboards. The data will be visualized in elegant looking and sophisticated dashboards designed for different user groups, with their unique needs in mind.

How Our Landing Page Design Services Will Improve Your Sales

As a landing page design company, our goal is to not only produce beautiful pages but also to develop strategies that maximize conversions. With our landing page design services, you get custom-tailored designs that cater to your brand and target audience. Our seasoned designers will make sure your landing page is user-friendly, attractive, and aligned with your brand identity. Here’s a snapshot of what our landing page design service entails:
Custom-Tailored Designs
Every brand is unique, which is why we focus on creating landing page designs that not only stand out but also match your brand's online persona.
User-Friendly Interface
Our expert designers develop landing pages that are easy to navigate, creating a seamless experience for your visitors.
Responsive Designs
In today's mobile-centric world, we make sure that regardless of the device – be it mobile, tablet, or desktop – your landing page renders flawlessly, leading to higher engagement.
Maximized Conversions
With strategic CTAs, optimized content placement, and compelling design, we gear your landing page designs towards maximizing conversions, helping you get more leads and sales.
Our ultimate focus is on creating a landing page that not only looks great but also works effectively in converting visitors. Investing in our services means an optimized digital presence that translates into increased sales.

Take a look at some of our Landing Page work

Graphic design + UI

High-quality custom graphics + web and UI design on-demand for your business.
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  • Landing Page Design
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Landing Page Design Process

When you choose our landing page design service, we follow a time-test process that includes the following steps:
Project Analysis
We take the time to understand your campaign goals, target audience, and brand voice. This enables us to create a landing page that aligns with your overall marketing strategy.
Design Phase
Our designers create a custom, user-friendly design optimized for conversions. We provide you with several design options to choose from, and we work closely with you to finalize the perfect design.
Feedback is vital. We make necessary revisions based on your feedback to ensure the landing page aligns with your vision. We also conduct thorough testing to ensure the landing page is functioning properly.
Every element, from images to text, is optimized for quick loading and responsive interaction. This makes for a seamless user experience, regardless of the device used.
Support & Launch
Post-launch, we provide support to make sure your landing page runs smoothly and is set to maximize its potential. We also offer ongoing maintenance and updates as needed.

Duck.Design is a tech-enabled company, developing its own proprietary software to brief, manage, and coordinate a high-volume of design projects, making it possible to keep pace with teams at Amazon, Puma, Facebook, and more.

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Landing page design services focus on creating optimized web pages to convert visitors into leads or customers. This includes strategy, design, and sometimes even content creation to allow the landing page to meet the brand's goals and target audience's needs.
A well-designed landing page can significantly boost your conversion rates. It serves as a digital storefront, providing the first impression of your brand. Your landing page design campaigns should be user-friendly, convey a clear message, and encourage the visitor to take action so that you maximize the potential of every click.

The duration of our landing page design services depends on the complexity of the design, the assets required, and the number of revisions. On average, creating a landing page can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. However, with our streamlined process and constant support, our landing page design company guarantees timely delivery within your budget.

These days, having an efficient landing page is a necessity. Whether you're running campaigns to increase your subscription base, launching a new product, or seeking to enhance your online presence, our landing page design services are here to support your goals.

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