ICARE — Prescribing Convenience and Design Excellence

What is ICARE?

ICARE is a revolutionary application that simplifies and enhances the process of medicine and related product delivery from a network of pharmacies.

The app integrates the function of electronic prescriptions, making it easier for users to obtain prescribed medications without the need for personal attendance at a pharmacy. ICARE is designed to serve a diverse user base, ranging from bedridden patients who can’t visit a pharmacy to individuals seeking convenient solutions for replenishing their first-aid kits



app downloads
30 %
new users reviews within the 3 months post launch
followers garnered within 3 months


  • Create a user-friendly application that streamlines the medicine and related product delivery process.
  • Establish a brand identity that conveys trustworthiness, convenience, and reliability.
  • Develop an intuitive and visually appealing app interface for seamless user interaction.



Our approach to this project was to focus on improving the user experience and enhancing brand identity through strategic design.

We began with thorough user research to understand the needs and expectations of potential users, ensuring that the app's design catered to a diverse audience. To achieve the objectives, our agency employed a strategic approach focusing on three key services: App UX/UI Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design


App UX/UI Design

Conducted in-depth user research to understand the diverse user base and their specific needs

Designed a streamlined user flow, optimizing the selection of goods and the ordering process.

Implemented visual onboarding to guide users through the app’s functionality and features.

Brand Identity

Crafted a brand identity that conveys trust, reliability, and innovation in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry

Designed a simple and minimalistic logo, reflecting the shape of pills.

Utilized blue and green as the main brand colors, symbolizing purity and freshness.

Chose SF Pro Text as the app’s primary font and Poppins as the brand font to ensure consistency and readability.


Graphic Design

Created visually appealing elements within the app, including product cards with detailed descriptions, contraindications, and instructions.

Developed an open structure filtering system for product selection.

Designed icons and imagery that enhance the overall user experience and convey the brand’s message.



The ICARE app achieved a 25% increase in app downloads, with 50,000 downloads within the first quarter.
User engagement improved, with a 30% increase in monthly active users (MAUs).
95% of users found the app's user interface to be highly intuitive and easy to navigate.
The brand's social media presence garnered 10,000 followers within three months.
The visual elements, such as product cards and filtering options, contributed to a 20% increase in successful order placements


In conclusion, ICARE’s collaboration with Duck.Design has resulted in a revolutionary app that simplifies and democratizes drug delivery. The user-centric approach to app UX/UI design, the establishment of a strong and reliable brand identity, and the creation of engaging graphics have collectively led to significant success.

ICARE has successfully made drug delivery more accessible, with a growing user base and high levels of user satisfaction. The app’s intuitive design and appealing brand identity have played a pivotal role in achieving these outcomes. The partnership between ICARE and Duck.Design has set the stage for continued growth and innovation in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical services.

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