How We Empowered Ionise:
A Branding and UX/UI Transformation

Ionise is a groundbreaking decentralized finance (DeFi) algorithmic money market protocol operating on the Zilliqa Chain. Ionise empowers users to participate in the DeFi ecosystem, offering a seamless experience for lending, borrowing, and earning yields on their assets.

Their innovative approach required a distinctive brand identity and user-friendly interface to stand out in the competitive DeFi landscape.


 Increased user engagement
boost in user adoption
decreased bounce rate


  • Create a brand identity that aligns with Ionise’s DeFi innovation, incorporating a geometrically correct logo and a distinctive color palette.
  • Develop a visually engaging and user-friendly interface for Ionise’s mobile app to enhance user experience and encourage user adoption.
  • Establish Ionise as a recognizable and memorable brand within the DeFi sector.


We embarked on the transformation of Ionise by focusing on three key areas: Branding, UX/UI Design, App UI/UX Design


Crafted a geometrically precise logo that symbolizes Ionise’s DeFi approach, conveying trust and innovation.

Utilized the Poppins sans serif font family for branding, chosen for its eye-catching curves and relevance to Ionise’s identity.

Designed a holographic gradient color palette, featuring shades of black, pinkish blue, yellow, and green, to evoke a futuristic and dynamic feel.

UX/UI Design

Collaborated closely with Ionise to create an intuitive and uncluttered user interface for their mobile app.


Carefully planned and structured the Dashboard section, highlighting key metrics such as Net APY, Daily earnings, supply balance, and borrow balance for easy comprehension.

Optimized the Market section to provide a seamless experience for users to explore and participate in Ionise’s offerings.

App UI/UX Design

Developed a visually appealing and user-centric mobile app design for Ionise, focusing on user experience and accessibility and employed responsive design principles to enhance usability across various devices and screen sizes.


Increased user engagement by 45%, measured through a 3-month period, with users spending more time on the app.
Achieved a 25% boost in user adoption, as evidenced by a surge in daily active users and transaction volume.
The app's bounce rate decreased by 30%, indicating improved user retention and engagement.


In conclusion, the collaboration between Ionise and our design team resulted in a highly successful rebranding and UI/UX redesign effort. The brand identity now accurately represents Ionise’s DeFi innovation, while the app’s interface offers users a seamless and visually appealing experience.

Ionise has seen a substantial increase in user engagement, adoption, and brand recognition, positioning them as a prominent player in the DeFi space. The geometrically precise branding elements and holographic color palette have set Ionise apart in a crowded market, making them a memorable and trusted name in decentralized finance. This strategic overhaul has proven to be a significant milestone in Ionise’s journey toward achieving excellence in the DeFi sector.

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