CryptEstate Fusion: Crafting LUMARA's Innovative Brand and Platform Design

What is LUMARA?

LUMARA, an innovative platform in the real estate industry, has reimagined property transactions by exclusively catering to qualified buyers and sellers who wish to transact using cryptocurrency.

With a commitment to uniqueness and innovation, LUMARA collaborated with Duck Design to establish a strong brand identity and design a seamless user experience that encapsulates the core values of the project.



70 %
increase in brand recognition
new users reviews within the 3 months post launch
89 %
user satisfaction

The challenge

Was to create a design that reflects the platform’s principles of cleanliness, ease of use, and professionalism while catering to a niche audience at the intersection of real estate and cryptocurrency.



Our journey with LUMARA was a symphony of innovation and purpose, conducted through a strategic interplay of branding, design, and functionality. We harmonized the realms of real estate and cryptocurrency, crafting a unique narrative that embodied cleanliness, ease of use, and professionalism.


Collaborated with graphic designers to develop a logo that visually communicated the fusion of real estate and cryptocurrency.

Incorporated clean lines and modern typography to reflect professionalism and innovation.

Selected a color palette that conveyed trustworthiness and sophistication while being visually appealing.



Web Design

Designed the overall layout of the platform with a focus on intuitive navigation
and user-friendly interface.

Created wireframes and mockups to visualize the platform’s structure and user journeys.


Ensured that the design elements remained consistent with the established brand identity and conveyed the project’s core values.


Platform Design

Crafted detailed platform screens and user interfaces for various sections, such as property listings, user profiles, and transaction dashboards.

Designed interactive elements that guided users through the cryptocurrency transaction process, simplifying complex concepts. Ensured responsiveness and adaptability across different devices and screen sizes.



UX/UI Design

  • Conducted user research to understand the preferences and behaviors of individuals interested in real estate and cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Designed user interfaces that catered to different user personas, ensuring an intuitive experience for both tech-savvy cryptocurrency enthusiasts and traditional real estate buyers.
  • Prioritized user feedback and conducted usability testing to refine the design iteratively.


Graphic Design

Created custom graphics and visual elements that simplified the complexities of cryptocurrency transactions. Ensured a consistent visual language across the platform, reinforcing LUMARA’s professionalism and commitment to cleanliness.

Designed icons and illustrations that guided users through different steps of the transaction process



LUMARA achieved a 70% increase in brand recognition within its target audience.
User interactions on the platform increased by 25%, demonstrating heightened user engagement.
The number of monthly active users grew by 40% post-launch.


The collaboration between LUMARA and Duck Design resulted in a resounding success, delivering a platform that encapsulates the essence of real estate and cryptocurrency seamlessly. Through strategic branding, intuitive platform design, and seamless cryptocurrency integration, LUMARA achieved its objectives of uniqueness, innovation, and user-centricity.

The brand identity, including the logo and visual elements, reflects LUMARA’s commitment to cleanliness, ease of use, and professionalism. The platform’s design ensures that both real estate and cryptocurrency enthusiasts find a secure, engaging, and streamlined experience while transacting. By prioritizing trustworthiness, the design fosters user confidence and positions LUMARA as a pioneer in the intersection of real estate and cryptocurrency.

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