How We Revolutionized Driver Trainer School Web Platform with a Streamlined UI/UX design

What is YLOODrive?

YLOODrive is an all-in-one management solution tailored for driving schools. It is committed to simplifying everyday tasks like lesson scheduling, student progress tracking, custom report generation, and online payments. This platform, featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive design, streamlines school management, allowing instructors to concentrate on their primary duty – teaching.

In the world of driving school management, YLOODrive stands out by providing
an all-in-one solution tailored for driving schools. When the challenge came to update YLOODrive’s look and make their app easy to use, Duck Design was happy to take the charge.


Services Provided:


75 %
increase in brand recognition
increase in monthly active users
90 %
user satisfaction rate


Duck Design had a specific job to do:

  • Come up with a special look for YLOODrive.
  • Design a cool and different phone app that still looks professional.
  • Make the app work smoothly with social media so people can book 24/7 without any problems.
  • Make sure the app is easy for students and driving school managers to use.



We embarked on the creation of YLOODrive by focusing on two key areas: branding and UX/UI design.


Our team at Duck Design rose to the occasion and devised a design that encapsulates YLOODrive’s promise of simplicity, efficiency, and user-friendliness. We developed a unique brand identity kit featuring bold, impactful colors, and a clean, modern typeface.

For the mobile application, we designed an appealing UI/UX that stands out while ensuring ease of use.

We also incorporated seamless integration with various social channels, enabling round-the-clock booking capabilities.


Lesson packages

YLOODrive simplifies driving school management with its user-friendly Lesson Packages feature, offering managers a convenient way to control training packages and customize them to meet students’ needs.



The Calendar feature in YLOODrive provides driving school managers with a comprehensive view of lesson schedules and availability, enabling efficient planning and coordination while avoiding scheduling conflicts.



The Fleet feature empowers managers with real-time analytics, scheduling, and vehicle tracking, enabling efficient management of instructors, vehicles, and valuable insights for informed decision making.



YLOODrive’s analytics feature offers valuable insights into instructor performance, lesson amounts, and income trends, empowering driving schools to make data-driven decisions and optimize their teaching strategies.



YLOODrive’s Settings section encompasses all the essential features managers need, including status management, payment distribution, driving lesson information, legal entity details, profile information, and vehicle information, streamlining administrative tasks and ensuring a smooth operation



Our collaboration with YLOODrive resulted in an impactful brand identity and a compelling mobile application, showcasing their unique approach to driving school management. The new brand guidelines ensure consistent presentation across all platforms. The application design, coupled with seamless social media integration, amplifies YLOODrive’s commitment to user convenience, reinforcing its professionalism and dedication to superior user experience. The easy navigation and intuitive layout have made a significant positive impact on user engagement and brand recognition.


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