10 Types of Advertising Design for 2024

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Advertising design is where creativity, communication, and marketing strategy meet. It includes visual and conceptual elements used to promote products, services, and new ideas. When created properly, they will speak to a target audience. All of these elements are brought together in advertising design to ultimately drive consumer action.

What is Advertising Design?

Ad design is strategic in using imagery, typography, color, layout, and messaging. Advertising campaigns will convey a compelling narrative to evoke desired emotions from viewers. This can be done with a digital banner ad, an engaging and exciting social media post, a beautiful and visually appealing print advertisement, or an engaging video. Ad design can captivate, inform, and get the attention of its audience in a very busy marketplace.

It continues to change, and 2024 is no exception. There is plenty of shifting consumer behavior, new technologies, and new trends in aesthetics. Let’s explore the 10 types of advertising design for 2024, how they are relevant for your business, and exactly what you should incorporate into your marketing strategy this year. There is so much noise out there; these are your top examples to keep in mind for 2024.

10 Types of Advertising Design with Examples for 2024

Marketers are always exploring new advertising methods to reach their target market. Alongside traditional approaches, marketers are increasingly embracing data-driven approaches to optimizing banner designs for maximum impact and relevance. Below are examples of 2024 ad design trends.

Print Advertising Design

Print advertising is still relevant! It is an important part of a robust marketing plan. Digital platforms are dominating, but nothing beats being able to hold onto a printed magazine or newspaper. A magazine’s glossy pages command attention and have a sense of credibility and trust compared to digital images. Incorporating print ad design ensures a robust and successful marketing plan.

There are unique opportunities for brands to engage with specific demographic segments, which are unique to print ads. Print and digital campaigns are what marketers are running to have a greater reach and opportunities to get very specific with reaching their market. Consider hiring professional graphic design services for a unique and branded campaign.

Using print ads may seem like a more traditional way of marketing, but it should not be forgotten in a marketing plan. It is still relevant, and there is a comfort in it for viewers. The reason for that is that there is a trust factor in print that doesn’t always translate into digital ads. This is one of the key reasons why it is important to combine it with digital strategies. Print ads design has not gone by the wayside. It is integral in a well-rounded marketing strategy.

Print Advertising Design

Image source: Ruzow Graphics

Digital Banner Advertising Design

Digital banner advertising design is an opportunity to capture audiences’ attention online, whether they are visiting a website or a social media page. Visually compelling banners are an essential way of reaching your target market. Don’t overlook this opportunity. It is worth spending the time to develop a well-thought-out strategy for the visual appearance of digital banners. Each one serves a purpose: effectively sharing your message with your visitors. It is a great way to stand out and share your story and branding so that customers become more familiar and have increased trust.

Personalization techniques, powered by advanced algorithms and machine learning, enable brands to deliver tailored banner ads that resonate with individual preferences and behaviors. The integration of immersive technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, offers opportunities to create interactive and engaging banner experiences. In this environment, digital banner design serves as a powerful tool for brands to connect with their target audiences in a more engaging way than ever before.

This is rated at the top of the list because it is one of the first touchpoints for most customers in the digital space. Being strategic with banner design is a critical part of any marketing plan and has the ability to leave a lasting impression on consumers. Whether the banner design is utilizing a beautiful image, an exciting call-to-action, or optimizing ads for various screen sizes, it is an effective way to stand out.

Digital Banner Advertising Design

Image source: Starbucks

Social Media Advertising Design

Social media advertising design is an important opportunity to introduce a brand’s messaging to new consumers. It is valuable in selecting the most suitable platform for the specific market and in setting up beautiful visuals and copy in your social media ads to suit the market. Being specific and strategic to the target audience is necessary and possible. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is proving to be helpful in making higher-quality content that may even perform better.

Marketing trends

Image source: HubSpot

A successful social media advertising design starts with the decision to run an authentic and relevant campaign created with unique storytelling and attractive design. Consider all of the advertising channels, using targeted advertising to reach your customers. Consumers are smart, and getting their attention and keeping it requires a well-planned campaign with a relevant and engaging social media presence. Consider hiring a professional for branding identity design services.

Social Media Advertising Design

Image source: Canadapostagram

Outdoor Advertising Design

Outdoor advertisement design has been used for decades. These outdoor, oversized advertisements can potentially provide a very big impact. These occupy a space that isn’t inundated with information, like digital ads. Reaching consumers outside is more direct and can be more effective. Some examples of such places are billboards, transit shelters, bus wraps, and other outdoor locations. This is a powerful tool and one that is worth including in a well-rounded marketing plan.

Outdoor advertising designs are adapting to new technology advancements and offering a space for creative innovations to create more relevant and successful ad campaigns. With the integration of digital displays, outdoor ads are even more captivating for today’s audience. These signs are strategically placed so that people will stop for short periods of time, and their eyes will be drawn to the ad. With digital displays, these outdoor signs can share dynamic content. They become real-time players and are more easily manipulated to provide location and target market-based messaging that is current and changing as needed. These signs can include QR codes or other technologies for better engagement and results.

There are many factors to consider when including outdoor advertisement in your marketing plan.

  • Attention-grabbing visuals
  • Strategic messaging
  • Consider location
  • Audience demographics
  • Viewing conditions
  • The ability to catch attention with imagery
  • A clever call to action
  • It must also leave a lasting impression, which can be done with creativity and strategic thinking

Outdoor Advertising Design

Image source: Abracadabarasigns

Packaging Design

Packaging design is an integral part of a well-rounded marketing strategy and is often the first point of contact between the consumer and the brand. Packaging design involves sharing the brand’s value proposition and brand identity. This must be well thought out to be an accurate and effective representation of the brand. Packaging plays a role in capturing the attention of the consumer, helping facilitate purchasing decisions, and growing brand loyalty. With package design companies, businesses will ensure a professional design that will attract new customers.

Consumer preferences and trends are always changing, and 2024 is no different. Consumers are looking for sustainability and transparency. Many brands are embracing eco-friendly packaging materials and practices. They are using recycled materials and minimizing packaging waste. Transparency in packaging design is also more critical than ever. Consumers are expecting companies to supply accurate and honest information on their packaging.

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Using packaging design to deliver meaningful brand storytelling grows consumer engagement. Design elements such as color, typography, imagery, and structural design will all create a package that will stand out and share that brand’s story with the consumer. It builds trust when a consumer can interact with packaging that shares a brand’s vision and mission clearly. Consumers are looking for authenticity and connection, and packaging is a powerful way to connect. Examples of interactive features in packaging are QR codes and augmented reality (AR).

Packaging Design

Image source: Vistaprint

Direct Mail Advertising Design

Direct mail advertisement is still used to reach targeted audiences and drive response or sales. Creating promotional materials can be an opportunity to write specifically to the target audience in a very personal way. It’s an opportunity to share company stories and for the leaders to connect with the consumers by writing their own notes or letters to be included in the promotional material. The printed materials could be newsletters, calendars, postcards, or brochures. They can be sent to specific postal codes or specific mailing lists from a company’s customer list. It is a tangible and personalized way to connect with consumers that has stood the test of time.

Direct mail is still a great opportunity to connect with consumers in meaningful ways. Marketers continue to use this unique opportunity to highly target and personalize direct mail campaigns. When they are tailored properly to the interests and preferences of the individuals receiving the campaigns, they can be highly successful. They can drive high response rates and return on investment. Hire a professional and outsource graphic design for a successful direct mail advertising design.

In the digital age, direct mail advertising design also presents opportunities for integration with online channels. Brands can incorporate QR codes or personalized URLs (PURLs) into their direct mail pieces, directing recipients to dedicated landing pages or digital experiences. Additionally, direct mail can complement digital marketing efforts, reinforcing brand messages and driving multi-channel engagement. By embracing creativity, personalization, and strategic integration, direct mail advertising design remains a relevant and impactful tool for marketers in 2024 and beyond.

Direct mail advertising design creates a unique opportunity to share a tangible campaign with consumers. It is successful in delivering to specific target markets based on using mailing lists or postal codes to particular areas. It can share a brand’s identity, mission, and vision. It can share images, heartfelt letters, and experiences. Because of this, it can be highly effective in connecting brands with their target market more successfully. It will remain an important part of a marketing plan in 2024.

Direct Mail Advertising Design

Image source: Theprintedbagshop

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Display Design

Point-of-purchase (POP) display design remains an integral part of a successful retail marketing plan. It can influence consumer behavior at a critical time, at the time of purchase. These displays are strategically used in retail to capture the attention of shoppers to make an impulse purchase and are typically made by print design companies. These displays have changed over the years to incorporate newer technologies, such as digital screens. Consider professional display ads design services to incorporate this into your strategy. This creates an immersive experience for the shopper, which in turn increases sales and reinforces brand messaging.

This type of design is evolving with the times and adapting to meet the needs and preferences of consumers. Brands and their marketers are finding new ways to integrate technology into POP displays. This gives a brand the opportunity to engage with the consumer in a new way. It is more immersive and informative for the consumer. Based on customer reactions and input into an interactive POP display, brands can collect real-time data from consumers, aiding in maximizing and optimizing their campaigns.

Retail is a competitive market, and including POP display design in a marketing plan is effective and imperative for a brand’s success in a retail space. Marketers need to:

    1. Understand their audience in order to create effective ad design
    2. Choose the most beneficial location
    3. Share the brand’s messaging in the most captivating way.
  • Embracing new technologies
  • Remain consumer-centric with the design
  • Share the brand’s story
  • Use graphic design services for POP display design to ensure success.

POP Display Design

Image source: Graphicsolutions

Video Advertising Design

Video advertising design is an impactful way to reach audiences across multiple platforms. Creating engaging video ads is emerging as the show’s star on most brands’ marketing plans. Video is not only quick and easy to produce, it is proving to be the fastest and easiest way to connect with consumers in 2024. One of the key ingredients to a successful video campaign is authenticity. Being authentic is relatable, and consumers are in tune with whether a video is authentic. Video advertising needs to keep this in mind because when brands are transparent, their audience appreciates it, and the trust between brands and consumers increases, which results in increased sales.

A video ad is poised for innovation and evolution. It is the time of the rise of streaming services, short-form video platforms, and influencers. Connectivity is at its highest point, with consumer loyalty to brands increasing with each new video. Storytelling techniques and capturing audiences’ attention are at a peak, and marketers are becoming more creative in keeping their brands at the head of the pack. Using creative, authentic influencers to market their brands has proven to be explosive for brand awareness and sales.

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Creating relevant and relatable content is critical for successful video advertising design and organic advertising. Engaging with consumers with honest and unique storytelling connects consumers on a much more personal and emotional level. This type of connection creates trust and brand loyalty. This creates a snowball effect, and brand sales can reach new heights by incorporating the powerful tools of visuals, audio, and video.

Email Marketing Design

Email marketing design offers marketers a direct line to their target market, engaging customers and driving sales. Email marketing can be designed for specific groups, based on their demographics and purchase history. Marketing campaigns, newsletters, promotions are all enhanced with great email marketing design. This encompasses creating messaging that is informative, enticing and effective at connecting with the consumer in a meaningful way.

The basic design of an effective email marketing campaign is always evolving in response to consumer behaviors shifting and technological advances. For example, emails are now read from many devices and screens. They may be read from a cell phone, an iPad, or a desktop computer. The design needs to be created so that it is adaptable for all screens, or the brand’s messaging may be lost. Staying on top of the latest design techniques and software is important for successful email marketing design.

Successful email marketing requires a strategic approach. It is a fine balance between aesthetics and functionality. Marketers must reach the right audience at the right time. This is done through data analytics and segmentation. Marketers are embracing creativity and personalization, connecting brands with their customers successfully and effectively.


Image source: Hootsuite

Content Marketing Design

Content marketing design is becoming more creative and integral to overall marketing plans. Content marketing design is created in different formats, including visual content, infographics, illustrations, videos, and eBooks. Content marketing is an opportunity to reach consumers in more personal and meaningful ways. It can be used to educate consumers as well as share brand messaging. An example of this is creating educational blogs for a company website. Sharing this content with consumers provides value for the consumer. They recognize this, and, in return, they see the brand as more trustworthy and an expert in the field. This is thought leadership. When a brand is mindful of this with content, its ROI is new customers who are loyal and who remember the brand as a leader in its field of expertise.

The first step to effective content marketing design is understanding the target market. It is critical to understand the demographics, location, and needs of the specific market to be marketed to. Once this is understood, designing a creative and specific marketing campaign can be crafted with the customer’s needs in mind. Going a step further and utilizing interactive and immersive technologies will ensure a more meaningful experience for the consumer. This may include incorporating augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

Being strategic with content marketing design is critical in running successful campaigns and promotions. Meeting consumers with high-quality and valuable content must address their needs and interests rather than just focusing on a brand’s promotional messaging. Crafting creative and unique content is king in 2024. It builds trust, creates value, and drives engagement.

Content Marketing Design

Image source: Compoundplanning

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examples of advertising design



In conclusion, marketing design is always transforming, and brands and marketers need to be able to grow with the trends and new technologies. Digital marketing can be complex, especially with its forever-changing nature. Successful marketing design strategies adapt to new trends and software, utilizing it to create successful and cutting-edge designs. Marketing strategies need to be dynamic, adaptable, and consumer-centric. Paid advertising, such as print and video marketing, and organic advertising, like email campaigns to custom content, are crucial to using creativity, innovation, and data-driven insights to reach audiences meaningfully.

In 2024, the key to successful marketing design is embracing new technology and using it in a relevant and engaging way. With the rise of AI, VR, and AR, immersive technologies are creating new opportunities for brands to connect with consumers in a more personal and emotional way. Immersive technologies create the opportunity for creative ads to create a personal, interactive, and memorable experience between a brand and consumers.

Being in touch with the consumer is integral to a successful marketing plan, and there are lots of ways to prioritize authenticity. Socially responsible brands that promote sustainability are more relevant and trustworthy to today’s educated consumers. Brands must integrate these values into their company and branding to offer purpose-driven messaging and engage with more consumers. By taking a holistic approach combining creativity and technology, marketers can succeed in an ever-changing market.

In this era of rapid change and innovation, marketing design will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping brand perceptions, driving engagement, and influencing consumer behavior. By staying agile, adaptable, and customer-focused, marketers can leverage the power of design to build meaningful connections, foster brand loyalty, and drive business growth in 2024 and beyond. As we embrace the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, one thing remains certain: the art and science of marketing design will continue to evolve, inspire, and captivate audiences for years to come.


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